This Is What 3 Cups Of Coffee A Day Do To Your Liver.

A research conducted recently, confirmed that drinking your morning coffee, is good for the liver.

In fact the study proved that people who consume large quantities of coffee every day lowered the level of non – performing enzymes in the liver, and you can also achieve the same effect with decaf coffee.

The author of the study Dr. Xiao Qian from Maryland said that even though previous studies have shown that drinking coffee has a positive effect on the liver, it was not known if decaf works the same.

Xiao and his colleagues in order to determine the results of decaf coffee, used previous data and reviewed the research conducted on 27,800 people older than 20 years.

The goal of this research was an insight into the general health of American citizens, who were undergoing a medical interviews and examinations.


Scientists have found that, compared with non – coffee drinkers, people who drank three or more cups of coffee a day had lower levels of liver enzymes.

We are sure that now you will enjoy your coffee even more, knowing that you are protecting your liver at the same time.

Be healthy! And don’t forget to share the info as you might help someone in need.



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