Scientist Reveals Most Powerful Natural Remedy: 4 Tablespoons Per Day, And Cancer Will Disappear!

Professor Hristo Mermerski, a Bulgarian scientist, gives us a recipe of a revolutionary drug that has cured of cancer thousands of people.

According to professor Mermerski, this is a food that treats the whole body, and in such an environment the cancer withdraws itself.

This mixture is good for the whole body because it cleanses the blood vessels, it restores the immunity, it cleanses the kidneys and the liver, and it heals the heart. Moreover, it is good for the functioning of brain and memory, and it protects the body from heart attack or stroke and makes the recovery from one easier. People claim that is the best remedy for treating cancer.


12 heads of fresh garlic

1 kg of raw, local honey

15 fresh BIO lemons

400 g of fresh walnuts

400 g of germinated grain, or young green wheat


Preparation of sprouted wheat:

Put 400 g of wheat in a glass container with boiled water. After you have poured the water, leave it overnight, and after 10-12 hours take clean gauze and strain the water from the wheat. Rinse the grain and strain it once again through cheesecloth.

Drain the wheat and leave it in a bowl for 24 hours. When these 24 hours are over, you can find tiny wheat sprouts in the bowl, 1-2 mm.

Preparation of the drug:

Grind the germinated wheat with the nuts and the clean garlic cloves. Grind also the five unpeeled lemons and add them to the remaining mixture. The remaining ten lemons serve for getting a fresh juice which should be added to the mixture, which should be then mixed until it becomes homogenous.

After that, add the honey and stir once again, using a wooden spoon. After you have finished that, put the mixture into a glass container. After 3 days in the fridge, the mixture is ready to be consumed.


You should consume this remedy half an hour before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and before going to sleep. If you consume this mixture for treating cancer, take one-two tablespoons of it every two hours.

According to professor Mermerski, this recipe is going to provide you healthy and long life, energy and youth, as well as freshness to your body. Not only that, it can also cure cancer.

This is a mixture made of vitamins, minerals, salts, proteins, bioactive substance, vegetable fat and carbohydrates, in other words, it is made of all necessary nutritious ingredients. That is why it does well to the function of your organs and glands and keeps your body healthy, the doctor claims.

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