Graviola – It Is Believed It Acts As A Natural Cure For Cancer

Graviola, also known as soursop is a fruit packed with healthy nutrients. It is believed it acts as a natural cure for cancer because of its richness in healing ingredients.

Graviola is a fruit that heals may diseases. It is recommended to people suffering from: colon cancer, prostate cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, and breast cancer. People also call it ’magical plant’ from Amazon rainforest and locals have been using it for centuries now for treating asthma, liver problems, arthritis, coronary disease. Its healing properties help with bacteria and fungi infections, keeps blood pressure normal, fights depression and anxiety.

This plant became really popular in contemporary alternative medicine and news about its powers comes to us by the speed of light. It is best known for its miraculous cancer treatment. Some experts claim the fruit is destroying only unhealthy cells and leaving those healthy – untouched. It is believed it has 10 000 times stronger power than chemotherapy.

It helps us by:

  • protecting our immune system
  • destroying cancer cells without side effects
  • prevents from lethal diseases

Graviola (Annona muricata) is an evergreen plant and it originates from Middle and South America, mostly used by Indians in their alternative medical practices. Graviola is green colored fruit with sweet taste, which resembles us of pineapple and strawberry mixture with creamy coconut / banana flavor.  You can either eat graviola raw or make a juice which it really healthy. Tests ran in laboratories showed that extracted graviola kills 12 different cancer types. It is also believed it kills only malignant cells.

Today it can be found in the Caribbean, Mexico, Columbia, Peru, Venezuela and also in Africa and Southeast Asia. It lives in very humid areas where winters are not harsh. Graviola plant cannot survive less than 5 degrees Celsius.

It is a low tree growth, consists of tree bark, leaves, root, a fruit and seeds. Graviola seeds are already known from ancient Indian medicine and African alternative medicine, curing the following: coronary diseases, asthma, liver diseases and arthritis. Also is helpful with bacterial and fungi infections, with diarrhea conditions, edema, and rheumatic symptoms. The whole plant is very healthy not just the seeds.


Graviola is a real nature’s gem with its healing properties. Researches began in the 1970s and by now we know it kills damaged cells and brings our immune system back to normal.

  • In Brazil Amazon – graviola tea is used as a liver cure.
  • In Peru Amazon – graviola leaves tea it prepared as a cure for diabetes type 2 and a calming product.
  • In India – graviola tea is recommended for better sleep, cure for liver, cure against cold and cure for a hangover.
  • In Africa – it is used an analgesic. In all these countries, graviola is traditionally used as fever medicine, diarrhea and for improving lactation for breast-feeding mothers.


If you ever come around this fruit, before you prepare it, make sure you blend it well but carefully remove the seeding prior to it. The seeds can be toxic but are efficient in fighting tics and moths.

They say graviola kills damaged cells without side effects: no nausea, excessive hair fall out, no weight loss.

Catholic University in South Korea claims to have proven safe treatment in cancer curing, by preserving the healthy cells and destroying only the damaged ones, which in not the case with the chemotherapy.



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