13 Banana Benefits Then You Will Never Look At It The Same Way Again

Bananas are the most consumed fruit in the world, and they carry many benefits to every person who eats them on a regular basis. Plus, they can easily be used for many different purposes when someone is in need of a quick fix.

1- Depression

The potassium in bananas has the ability to help fight depression. While people cannot eat bananas and suddenly feel better, the potassium intake can help to make the person eating bananas everyday to get the chemicals in their body in better balance.

2- PMS

Women who are struggling with their cycle will be able to eat bananas and help to ease their stomach, cramps and moodiness during PMS. Bananas contain beta blockers that help to control extreme emotions.

3- Anemia

Bananas are high in iron, and the person who is having problems with anemia or who tends to be a little anemic could eat a banana or two a day to increase their iron intake. It’s also much easier than eating meat every day.

4- Blood Pressure

When people have high blood pressure, the iron and potassium in bananas is enough to make the the person with high blood pressure a little more in balance than they would be without them. They do not replace medication, but they do help.

5- Mental Acuity


The potassium in bananas is helpful for people who need to focus right before a test. Bananas help to increase alertness and mental acuity.

6- Constipation

Anyone who is having trouble with constipation can help to loosen their stool with a banana a day. Bananas help to soften stool over time when they are consumed regularly.

7- Morning Sickness

Women who are suffering from morning sickness will find that bananas soothe their stomach and may be the only thing they can stomach some mornings.

8- Heartburn

Heartburn can also be soothed by bananas because of their creamy texture and chemical makeup. While heartburn can be uncomfortable, bananas can help to calm it quickly.

9- Mosquito Bites

People who have bug bits can rub a banana on their bite to help soothe the sting and itching.

10- Ulcers

Ulcers are yet another stomach condition that can be quelled with bananas. In fact, bananas are the best way to help people eat when they are suffering from ulcers.

11- Nervousness

Bananas are natural beta blockers that help people to focus and remain calm when they are about to go to an audition or take a test. Many times, the people who eat bananas can calm down much faster than with breathing techniques, etc.

12- Hangovers


Anyone who is suffering from a hangover can help to calm their stomach. A hangover can also cause headaches which can be handled with a banana or two that helps to even out blood pressure.

13- Overheating

There are many cultures that give people bananas to help them cool down when they are overheating. These are the best fruit for sports activities and days at the beach

With a banana a day, everyone can keep the doctor away and remain healthy with just some yellow fruit.


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