Manny the Cat Takes Better Selfies Than Most Humans

Manny the Cat has been seen by countless viewers across the Internet and many have been wondering, “Who is this cat? And, does he actually take his own selfies?”

Well, according to Instagram user @yoremahm, this handsome tabby learned to use the camera by accident. The feline reached out to touch it during a shoot one day – and now, its selfies have become an Internet sensation.


Manny has truly mastered the art of the selfie and tens of thousands of people are following the cat’s photos on Instagram.


Manny’s human told Love Meow that Manny is fascinated by GoPro cameras. Whenever the cat sees one, he reaches out his arm toward the camera, resulting in a picture-perfect selfie pose.

Manny’s photos document his fun adventures in the great outdoors, and you’ll often see dogs in the background.

“He is the boss of the dogs,” @yoremahm told Love Meow, referring to the canines in the images.

@yoremahm and Manny met by chance with the cat showing up as a stray shortly after @yoremahm’s old cat had died, and they’ve been together ever since.


You’ve got to admit, this cool cat has certainly got some impressive selfie skills!


Manny seems to really know how to enjoy every moment too.


To view more of Manny’s selfies, head to Instagram@yoremahm.



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