13 Irritating Things That Drive Vegans Crazy

1. When whey is the last ingredient on the box.
2. When you meet someone who says they’re vegan and then see them eating fish.
Umm, last time I checked fish aren’t plants…
3. When you have to explain to the server you’re vegan… not gluten-free.
I don’t have celiac, nor does the majority of the population (just saying!).
4. When someone asks why you don’t eat honey.
Because they kill the bees!
5. When your family asks you to just pick the cheese out of the salad.
If only you could just pick a new, cool vegan family.
6. When the supermarket is out of nutritional yeast.
This is when Amazon Prime Now is key!
7. When someone asks if you miss bacon.
Can’t even.
8. When the words “humane slaughter” are used.
*Pulls out phone and Googles Mercy For Animals’ undercover investigation ofFoster Farms.
9. When someone says they only eat chicken.
Cool story bro, but you’re still eating a tortured, dead animal.
10. When someone asks if it’s OK to eat meat in front of you.
Like why???
11. When everyone suddenly becomes a nutrition expert.
Thanks, Doc!
12. When you’re served the dreaded grilled vegetable platter at weddings.
Oily grilled zucchini is not an acceptable meal.
13. When you’re asked if you’ll eat meat if you get stranded on a desert island.
BRB, off to join Tom Hanks and Wilson in Castaway!

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