10 People You’ll Meet When You Become Vegan

1. The Vegan Police

We’ve all met an officer of the vegan police. They jump down your throat when you say something that’s not perfect or in line with their beliefs. Our tip: kill them with kindness.
2. The Vegan(ish)
We don’t love the vegan police, but when someone says they’re vegan and then says they eat fish you can’t help but want to scream.
3. The Self-Proclaimed Nutritionist 
Being asked where we get our protein is truthfully the bane of our existence.
4. The Better Than Me’s
No, we don’t think we’re better than you and we don’t judge you for choosing to eat animals. We do wish you’d open your eyes to the cruelty of eating meat, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.
5. The Jokester
Dangling meat in our face isn’t funny. In fact, it’s rude and immature.
6. The Interrogator
It’s one thing to be truly interested in veganism, but it’s another to be annoying. Asking questions like “Don’t you ever just want bacon?” is just irritating. And by the way, tempeh bacon is where it’s at!
7. The DIYer
We all know this type of vegan. The ones that spend hours making their own almond milk. Kuddos to you if you have the time and patience, but for the rest of us Silk will have to do!
8. The Financial Advisor
No, being vegan isn’t more expensive. In fact, a cube of tofu is a helluva lot cheaper than a steak.
9. The Anthropologist 
We understand that humans have eaten animals for a long time, but that doesn’t mean you have to. There are lots of cruel things humans have done that we no longer take part in.
10. The BFF
Rejoice. You’ve found someone who cares about you without being preachy. They may or may not be vegan, but they get you. You enjoy each other’s company and are true friends.
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