On Religion and Science: Albert Einstein Insights

The development of mankind has hindered on both religion and science. Since the human race’s primitive state, the need to understand the world has created a need for us to have the security of a religion. Most religious ideals are based off our feelings and longings. There are three different types of religious feelings that have motivated us to move forward in our belief in God and the universe.

Fear is one of the most powerful religious motivators. It has led our primitive selves to partake in religious thought and belief. Religion based on our fear of hunger, sickness, death and the unknown has created causal connections that are poorly developed. These causal connections are founded on a God or illusory being, who has the will to stop our fears from happening. Along the way, the thought that if one would carry out actions such as sacrifices to the Gods, then one will be granted favor from them, has been passed down from generation to generation.

This religion of fear is responsible for stabilizing one’s primitive nature. One is able to be ruled and follow orders when one is fearful. Therefore, a leader or a ruler is born. Many rulers use this fear to gain authority over others. As a result, the religion of fear can be tailored to fit the rulers political agenda.

Impulse is another feeling that has acted as a foundation for the founding of religious practices. Everyone is human. That means that we are all fallible and mortal. Therefore, one is always in the need for guidance, support and love. This desire has created a God that is founded on preserving the morality of men. This God does not act on our fears. This is a God of Providence. That means he will protect our moral souls by disposing us, rewarding us and punishing us depending on our actions. This God values life above all and works to create a sense of goodness in all of us.

One can see the transformation of the foundation of religious belief through Jewish scripture. The beginning scriptures illustrate a religion birth from fear. As New Testament comes into fruition, one can see the shift from religion of fear to a moral religion. Primitive religions are about fear, and civilized religions are based on morality. There is no either or when it comes to these religions. The truth is that most religions today are a blend of the two types. At the center is the concept of an all knowing and powerful God.


People, who have reached a high level as an individual, have created a new foundation for religion. This third stage of religion is referred to as cosmic religious feeling. This feeling does not include an anthropomorphic conception of God that influences it. A person who has reached this level feelings have a grasp on the futility of human desires and aims. They have connected these desires to nature and the pondered on their meanings. This stage of religion can be found in our development as a race. For example, in many of the Psalms of David and edicts of Buddhism have traces of this way of thinking.

This religious feeling has an absence of dogma and a God that is conceived in man’s image. Many people who have reached this level of feeling have been called heretics throughout history. Cosmic religious feeling can be transferred from person to person through science and art. This explains religious ongoing antagonism with science, and its love hate relationship with art.

Science is based on the law of causation. Religions of fear or morals are based on a being having the power to affect universal events at will. The two ideologies are oppositions. A science minded person like Einstein, cannot be convinced that causality is irrelevant. A God who rewards and punishes based on one’s actions is not conceivable to a scientist like Einstein.

Contrary to what many religious followers believe, believing in science does not morally corrupt men. Ethical behavior is based on having sympathy, education and social ties to other people. One does not have to be religious to be a good person. In other words, one has risen above the fear of punishment or the hope for an reward to motivate one into acting morally.

Cosmic religious feeling is the best foundation for scientific research. It helps scientific research to become rooted in rationality and morality. Understanding science has created a devotion in people, because they want a deeper connection to our reality. This deep connection have practical results for men. As a result, today’s society consists for more scientific thinkers than profoundly religious people. Our society is more civilized, and we have stopped equality religion with morality. We now know that morality can exist outside of religion. Thus, more people are moving to having cosmic religious feelings.


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